SMART Goals Course

Project Title: SMART Goals 101 Course

Tools used: Articulate Rise

Time in Development: 4 hours

Smart Goals 101 Articulate Rise Course

This is a short Rise course on SMART goals. It was created to train employees the five components of a SMART goal and how to create their own SMART goals.

I wanted to create a course that was concise and succinct and that matched learning objectives. One of the challenges was being able to include interactive activities to keep the learner engaged. To address this I made an effort to tell a story and made the course interactive by having the learner help the character create her own SMART goal.

A storyboard was created for this course. This allowed me to strategically plan out the course in a way that would close learning gaps for all learners.

Vyond Instructional Video

Project Title: Qualities of an Effective Mentor

Tools used: Vyond

Development Time: 10 hours

Articulate Storyline 360 Course

Additional Employee Benefits

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Articulate Storyline 360 Course

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